Exclusive Private Online Club For Seniors Over Age 42

Our foundation- 

  • Private Membership
  • Social Connection
  • Camaraderie & Friendship.
  • Events, Travel, MORE!
  • Member's annual dues. 

The online exclusive fun private social connection club!!

Exclusive to age 40 an over couples & single ladies.

Welcome to more social fun sharing events and MORE with a members only OLDER FOLK'S online private club.  


   - SINGLE MALES  -  

Single Males cannot apply.  A FEW OVER age 45  single UNMARRIED males can only be referred,  vetted/verified, & sponsored by current members in good standing!

Older, Social & Active

COUPLES & SINGLE LADIES apply for private membership today :)

Private social club, membership, & access. Couples & single ladies, to apply for consideration.

 You must be over age 45 & live in Southern California, providing proof of age & residence with a photo  copy of state issued ID at application.  All info held in strict confidence & never shared.

When you apply & provide proof of age & residence,  we'll respond in a timely manner. 

Annual Private Member Dues:

  • Couples - $35/yr.  Event $30 with potluck. 
  • Single Lady- $20/yr. Some events gratis with potluck dish for 6
  • Preapproved/vetted single males OVER 45 !- $60/yr

All travel is at share of costs as group & calculated for each specific journey according to special group rates offered by each destination.


A private EXCLUSIVE online social club only for our private members enjoying connections on many levels with like minded private members our age enjoying many ways to have fun & enjoy life. We   get together monthly or bimonthly.  We all have enjoyed group travel, vanilla, & spicy events, M&G's, small  gatherings, dinner out,  private house parties, & MORE. 

What will we think of next! ;)


Couples & Single Lady Membership Application

Couples & single ladies application for private membership

Private Members only

We love our private members and will screen for new potential COUPLES AND SINGLE LADY members over age 40 & up. 


Current members in good standing may refer & sponsor single males over age 45 for membership.  


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