Exclusive online social clubgroup for private members over age 40.

  Not open to the general public!

Compatibility & shared focus matter

PT&T members are OVER AGE 40+ & all about social fun & enjoying & sharing friendship, connection,  events,  travel, and MORE!  All members relish their fun  & love finding new friends  & FELLOW PLEASURE TRAVELERS!  To keep all costs down,  event donations are done ahead . e allow older couples & single lady as private members, a very limited number of S/M might be allowed if over age 45  & must be preapproved!

 Private & exclusive to approved members only. 

  • We are specific as to age-must be over age 44 or  referred and vouched for by a current member in good standing. balance, location and mix. 
  • We reserve the right to deny membership without prejudice or explanation. 
  • Membership applications are submitted to & reviewed by  committee.  
  • PT&T is supported with a small annual membership dues. In order to negotiate the best site & rates ahead of time & to cover all costs for all events, all member attendees  prepay. their reservation. 

PT&T......We are THE online based private, age qualified, adults over 40  social club.  To keep private the members have chosen to  support with  their small annual dues & prepaying  for any social events & trips. Exclusive membership is limited to those over age 40 unless PERSONALLY KNOWN. OR A MEMBER REFERRAL.    

 PT&T …. An escape & secret crave... definitely not our everyday lives!  Private membership can be your doorway to fabulous friends, fun, private social connections online with others at the occasional events & get-to-gethers.  Older adults it's time to start making new friends with people you mesh with, & have some fun as you begin to gather great friends.
Imagine a new adult social clubgroup

  • Everyone is interested in making friends that matter
  • Enjoying commonalities & embracing new things, ideas, & experiences together....private membership has any benefits. : )  
  • Make new friends close to your age group! 

Events, Excursions, Etc, Etc, Etc!

 Private outings, special events, travel, & vacation opportunities at resorts and perhaps a cruise too....nothing beats enjoying & partying with new friends in exotic locations, whether next door, another town or city, or another country.   It's time to find new adult friends,  enjoy, explore socially,  meet your inner adventurer head on ...all on your terms and time frame with new friends. 

Seeking new "old" members :)

Membership request to committee

All applcations go through committee vote.

We love folks our age & look forward to making new 'old' friends who are on the same wavelengty   

Pleasure Traveling

Box 29, Joshua Tree, CA 92252, US


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

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